January 30, 2022

Fable newspaper

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The fairy tale

The fable newspaper

We all know these broadcasts. Who didn’t watch it. The Dutch children’s broadcast with the political messages hidden behind it. But that’s not really the point. It’s about the term fabeltjeskrant

I’ve been living in Croatia for over 5-6 years now and looking back at the past, totally without doom thinking, I realize myself doing more things.


It looks like stamps have been placed on people for years and years. Some think and we found this terrible because it has brought many victims, but others think society is very normal and we will continue with this. Consider, for example, a swimming diploma. This is a very simple application. You used to have to get your swimming certificate and then you had to attach your label to your swimsuit. This so that the lifeguard or bath attendant could see whether he or she was allowed to go into the deep end. In short, a label to access.

Above is a simplified example, but there are examples in the past that were much worse and that you were even locked up and often many times worse.


if you often follow the news and have a good memory and then think 2 to 3 weeks back with every news headline, regarding society, and then think of that news item on this subject, then you will also see a lot of contradiction. But contradiction by exactly the same organization that brought the news 2 to 3 weeks before. It clearly seems that they are applying NLP communication to society and are therefore getting a dichotomy. In this way they publish a report every week by means of. a press conference in which they actually bring little or nothing new and place stamps on target groups in society.

Going back..

As I wrote earlier in this story that I live with my family in beautiful Croatia for 5 to 6 years. Have I noticed that a child is allowed to swim here and that swimming certificates do not actually exist. Not exist as we know it in Western Europe. Here all sports are performance-oriented and a form of sports related to relaxation is not really to be found here. And when I talk to Croatian friends about a swimming diploma, I actually get laughed at and then I get the question:
why and what is the point and the lifeguard has no right to deny you anything, he only has to take care of your safety!

And then you start thinking

Where did this all start and what is the goal? Why do committees exist that are above the world powers and have been active for more than 70 years. why do these people direct the governments.

and then there will be another press conference on Friday and then I think…. Is this the fabeltjeskrant?

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