January 5, 2023

Feriae: Your Home Away From Home Holiday Service

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I would like to write a piece about a beautiful and young company. A company with years of experience in the high segment of rental and management. Feriae consists of 3 enthusiastic people who saw many things happen differently in this industry.

After a very well thought out business strategy, they took the plunge and got to work. Not to become a ten in a dozen agency either, because that’s not that difficult. No, to become a full support component for your investment. a partner you can rely on, but who also has everything to arrange everything for you. This gives you peace of mind and solutions for many issues.

For example, think of:

I carefully read their documentation and was very surprised. This form of business appears to be open source. There is a fixed amount for everything and no snags because they work with a monthly contract and can also be canceled monthly. If you want maintenance in the winter months, no problem or if you want this in the summer, that’s no problem either. If you are satisfied and you want to pay for a year or six months, you will receive a discount that can go up to 2 months. It is also a very clear business with 3 pillars.

  1. Property Management
  2. Rental (on more than 60 major portals)
  3. Maintenance
Property management

To this end, they visit your home at the desired periods, provide invoices and carry out the desired checks. This is possible for a fixed amount per month. And if I just look around on a major search engine, I find much larger amounts.


These pillars seem very complicated but very simple. They charge 10% commission for rental. On top of that come the costs for the channels. Channels like FlipKey or Airbnb or Expedia. these channels also charge a commission, but you will not notice that because that is on top of your asking price. In addition, AI is used. Artificial Intelligence This is a technical term for the type of software used to optimize your property for the highest return. If your accommodation is too cheap, the price will go up. If your accommodation is too expensive, we will contact you for the best strategy. By actively publicizing your accommodation worldwide in this way, you get a higher return. and then you will understand why this organization dares to work without a contractual bond. They only go for maximum rental.


Getting serviced is quite difficult, especially when you find out later that the quality you want is going away, not to mention the bill you’ve had. Feriae has done regular maintenance in-house and in many cases does not have to outsource. This also gives you a lot of peace of mind as an owner. You know in advance where you stand and you will not be faced with surprises every time.

In short: A promising company that you, as an investor/accommodation owner, are waiting for in my opinion. No long-term contracts/obligations, stop whenever you want.

If you also want more information because I have gathered my knowledge, please contact this beautiful company through this Contact link

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