July 26, 2023

Seven Waterfalls - Exploring the Enchanting Mirna River Trail in Istria

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Seven Waterfalls - Exploring the Enchanting Mirna River Trail in Istria


Water has an inherent allure, and nowhere is this more evident than along the scenic Mirna River, with its mesmerizing array of waterfalls. The circular trail, known as the ‘Seven Waterfalls Trail,’ commences and concludes in the charming town of Buzet, located close to the Istrian water supply system. This captivating trail offers a diverse experience, catering to both beginners and seasoned hikers who seek to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.

The Mystical Beauty of the Trail

In all seasons, the ‘Seven Waterfalls Trail’ showcases the mystic beauty of Istria. During summer, the vibrant greenery and lush vegetation leave visitors breathless. As autumn arrives, the river swells with rainfall, creating a captivating babble of water cascading over the rocks. Winter transforms the landscape into a unique perspective, with frozen water droplets glistening in the sunlight. With the arrival of spring, seasonal life awakens, drawn to the beckoning rays of the sun.

A Journey of 13.5 Kilometers

Spanning a length of 13.5 kilometers, the trail is a five-hour expedition that predominantly follows the flow of the Mirna River. The path meanders close to seven alluring waterfalls, offering a symphony of sights and sounds that will undoubtedly captivate any nature enthusiast. Additionally, the trail commences through the scenic Buzet’s trim and walking trail, setting the tone for a memorable adventure.

The Majestic Waterfalls

The journey begins with the first waterfall, standing at an impressive 5 meters in height. The small lake formed by its cascading waters spans up to 24.4 meters in width, leaving a lasting impression on the beholder. Continuing onward, the second waterfall awaits, slightly higher than the first. The Bačva Waterfall, at 8 meters in height and 5.8 meters in width, forms a charming lake that spans 12.1 meters in width.

Venturing further along the trail, hikers encounter the grandest attraction - the Vela Peć waterfall. A magnificent display of natural wonder, it stands tall at 26.5 meters and spans 5.6 meters in width. This awe-inspiring sight offers the perfect setting for a well-deserved break and a chance to capture the beauty of the Mirna River’s giant on camera.

Discovering Hidden Gems

As the trail progresses, the Mala peć waterfall comes into view, measuring 4 meters in height and 3 meters in width. However, the true gem awaits further along the water - the Kotli waterfall. Towering at 12 meters in height and stretching 7 meters wide, this waterfall stands as a testament to the region’s captivating charm. Nestled nearby is an old mill that overlooks the small lakes and waterfalls, a well-preserved relic of the area’s history. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to explore the newly renovated old village of Kotli. And during the summer months, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit to fully enjoy this picturesque paradise.

From picturesque Kotli, the trail leads to the Ispod stare kave waterfall, situated next to a quarry. This waterfall stands at 7.9 meters in height and spans 2.5 meters in width, forming a 16-meter-wide lake. Finally, the trail culminates with the majestic Grjak waterfall. At a height of 8.20 meters and an astounding width of 35.4 meters, with a depth of 6.1 meters, it is a fitting conclusion to the breathtaking journey.

Trail Information

Starting Point: Buzet Length: 13.5 km Difficulty: Difficult

Important Note

The ‘Seven Waterfalls Trail’ includes certain sections that can be demanding and hazardous, particularly for less experienced hikers. It is crucial to exercise extra caution and become familiar with the characteristics of each segment before embarking on this adventure. For comprehensive trail information, please contact the Tourist Board of the City of Buzet.

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