November 11, 2022

Nature Park Biokovo - a beautiful place in Dalmatia

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Naturepark Biokovo

Biokovo Nature Park in Dalmatia

Nature Park Biokovo is a very large park where you can spend half a day or a whole day. With an altitude of 1762 meters and a route of 23 kilometers to get there, it is very impressive just to drive around here. Reaching the top is not for everyone, even though you can reach it by car or bicycle. The road to the top has been paved since 1978 and on top is the radio and television antenna of the state of Croatia. This antenna is the tallest building and workshop in Croatia.

The landscape Biokovo

The landscape on Biokovo

Driving on narrow roads towards the top you see many valleys and small houses. Many cottages are purely for private use, but it is also possible to stay here in a recreational accommodation. A holiday specially designed for real nature lovers who like walking and cycling. The landscape resembles a lunar landscape in many locations, where every turn changes the appearance. In 1981 this mountain range was declared a Natural Park and in 1998 the state of Croatia established the Biokovo Natural Park.

Opening hours-for-visitors

Opening hours for visitors

The park is open all year round for the owners of the accommodations, but for a nature visit the park is closed from 1-11 to 31-03. It is best to buy tickets online because 15-20 cars per hour get access to the Biokovo Nature Park. There are plenty of places to picnic throughout the park, but there is also a restaurant in the park. In the month of October there are no more toilets in the park. This is very strange because a month later the park closes. Why they no longer leave these toilets standing is a big question mark for many. Also for the owner of the konoba where you can drink a delicious wine. This basket lives on the park and gets all visitors sent to him while the toilets have also been removed by the Park management. Personally, I don’t really think this is possible. Because on the day (during the autumn holiday) all periods were almost full with 10-15 cars per hour, so you are soon talking about 1000 cars that have to pay an average of 250-300 kuna per car.. Check here for opening times

The eye also wants something

The eye also wants something on Nature Park Biokovo

The ride to the skywalk of Biokovo Nature Park at 1228 meters is a challenging route. It sometimes seems that everyone wants to be there first and sometimes it seems like a race to the top. Every 300 meters a refuge has been created which makes it possible or easier for oncoming traffic to pass. The view during the way to the skywalk is already a special route with views over the Makarska and other villages below and on the mountain. The higher you go, the more islands you can admire. Once arrived at the Skywalk, the park ranger will direct the parking cars a bit so that everyone can park. Yes, you can take your shoes or slippers past brushes and walk the Skywalk on an 11-meter cliff. The Skywalk goes up to 8.5 meters from the cliff and therefore you get a fantastic view if you are not afraid of heights.

The memory of Biokovo

The memory of Biokovo

There is also a souvenir shop at this Skywalk. However, here it is nice to label your memory of this location. We bought a t-shirt, key chains and pencils with the logo of the park. However, it is a pity that the park does not have a terrace where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a soft drink. A sitting area with drinks vending machines would be sufficient.

The lunar landscape of Biokovo

The lunar landscape of Biokovo

I personally find the cyclist you meet here very sporty. What stamina you must have to climb this mountain. I think the roads to the top are quite steep to cycle up and let alone to the top at Sveti Jure which is the highest peak. At 1500 meters you will also encounter a Park ranger. A location where a park ranger is for people in need and you can probably also stop and rest there as a walker or cyclist. At this altitude, however, the landscape changes to a lunar landscape.

Animals animals and more animals

Animals and animals and more animals

The maintenance of nature is done by animals at Nature Park Biokovo. Horses and cows run loose and sometimes walking just puts across the road. At the end of the day they all walk to their own place to drink. So it may well happen that horses and cows just walk on the road. You can also get out quietly and give the horses some attention. You will also see mules walking between them. These are crosses between horse and donkey. The foals are somewhat reserved, but watch out that a mother will always protect her child.



Despite the cool day, we really enjoyed this trip. we had not estimated that this tour would take so much time, but on the other hand it was great. Because with the route back down we did not encounter any oncoming traffic and we were able to enjoy the view with a setting sun. Horses walking on the road, cows passing by. the sun setting behind the islands. In short, fantastic and worth a recommendation!

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