July 26, 2021

Home Sweet Home

Posted on July 26, 2021  •  4 minutes  • 735 words

Good to be home

After a week of enjoying a wonderful holiday with family, it is nice to be home again. Our 3 daughters thoroughly enjoyed the time with their 2 nieces and I’m sure the feeling was mutual. But another 1.5 weeks and then the nieces will come by for a few days before they go back to the Netherlands.

Now sitting in our outdoor kitchen we hear the cars driving over the Ypsilon, I always thought it would be very busy with traffic. We always hear this sound in the summer and in the winter period it is of course much less. But I also have to adjust my opinion on this, yesterday our ride back on the Croatian highway A1 was significantly busier than the Ypsilon. And if you also visit the website of the Hak (Croatian car club) have a look here then you also see that there are many traffic jams and many cars with breakdowns are parked along the side. I also never understood why on the A1 it was allowed to drive faster than 110 km, you can drive 130 km / h on many parts. Yesterday I thought I was stuck in traffic all driving home but, deye gone so busy almost all summer. Every pear kilometer there is also a tow truck waiting to get the broken down cars off the road as quickly as possible. Some cars also receive extra signs from the toll road service at a distance of hundreds of meters from their car in order to be as safe as possible with their broken down car.

I also understand these precautions

Yesterday I drove 140-150 km/h on some stretches not because I wanted to but because I automatically rode with the traffic. I also saw a group of cars (all Mercedes) as a kind of real team flying behind each other everywhere in between. I think the speeds were around 150-160 km/h. But less than 50 km further they stopped along the road. They had hit each other. But you will just sit in between with your family.

Hard approach

This morning I also read in the news about the bus accident with the migrant workers from Germany who were all going to go home in Kosovo. The bus has come down the road and killed at least 10 so far. 1 bus driver was killed in an accident and the 2nd was arrested after he stated that he fell asleep for a while. The story does not immediately tell whether this was the driving bus driver. But it does indicate that driving over long distances can be very stressful for drivers.

I don’t understand the EU

Germany has placed a ban on overnight stays for people traveling from the Netherlands. And so there are more countries that are imposing more and more restrictions, while the drive to travel after a year like this is very great for many people. Despite many coming from a dark red area and traveling to the area which now suddenly turns red, most of them keep the drive to travel. That’s why I don’t understand the EU why they now allow travel to red and dark red areas, but a night’s sleep while traveling is not allowed?? Actually, this is just crazy. First they want to have 85% of the population vaccinated because everything is possible and allowed again, then it turns out that everyone is just as contagious. A third vaccination is probably needed. And we will stick with the vaccine suppliers in which most EU members are also shareholders and we will not use the sputnik vaccine that has been worked on for the past 50 years? No, we stick to the vaccination made by a German couple, sold to the large pharmacy, which frankly does not even cover.

But the filtered news is that anyone who has been vaccinated is allowed to travel freely within the EU. And you can and may sit behind the wheel for 12-16 hours, but you can’t sleep on the road?

In brief

Take enough rest and watch out for travel and think about your family. On the way back you can still spend the night in most hotels in Germany and take your rest in time.

Hopefully you enjoyed your holiday and next year you can go on holiday again in our beautiful country of residence Croatia

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