July 22, 2021

Summer Of 2021

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Where have you been?

Oh oh oh what will be a comment on this. But I write it the way I like it. The Covid has gripped our lives and finally the European government has given the green light for holidays (within) Europe. Of course to get the money back into the EU’s coffers. In June hardly anyone had bookings and in July everyone was suddenly full. As many know, we live 365 days a year in the holiday area and we often look at the course of events during this period with a different view.

This is how we saw the infections suddenly disappear and everything opened again in May. And so we saw the borders open and the infections rise again? Do you still get it??

I don’t feel like going deep into the Covid story, speculation or other conspiracy theories. But what I do want to say is that I find it strange that all (European) human rights are violated and nobody does anything about it. Thousands of people have stepped out of line with a vaccination certificate without being vaccinated. Thousands of people have used the hole in the website and put their own negative test in the government database. And here in Croatia areas are going red due to the infections.

But that the world is changing that is very clear!

We try to make the best of it. Fortunately, this year we experience our summer differently than the summer of 2020. We are exploring parts of Croatia again. And we also see beautiful surroundings again. This year, Dalmatia is also on the map of destinations again. We have already been to Vinišće, Marina (which is next door), Beach Duće at Marlon on Duće beach with its amazing water park and at the time of writing we are in Biograd na Moru with family visit. Today we go to Primosten to see a beautiful location, then to Marlon and then have dinner “up river” in Omiš. And tomorrow we’ll see.

Because we visit many locations, we also clearly see a big difference in people’s behavior. After I was very shocked by the enormous crowds of people and the fact that no one can measure how long 1.5 meters is, I was very surprised that the growth of countries is also very present.

By this I mean the growth of the Eastern Bloc inhabitants. As an example, the people from Poland who then simply have to drive for at least 3 days to get to Dalmatia. And then I say hats off. A few years ago I would have done that too, but in this new world it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Also today the newspaper was again full of this subject and also stated that the government will not do anything against the people who go on holiday to orange and red areas. I wouldn’t know why either, but it still raises questions.

But what am I really curious about: How was your holiday? And where did you go? How was your feeling of just being able to walk around, grab a terrace and go out for dinner? Because these were the things you could really run into in your own country.

We in Croatia have had a real lockdown. If you wanted to leave your municipality, you had to apply for a travel permit. You really ended up in a police trap where you also had to show your form. You also had to indicate where you wanted to go. We live in a small municipality with a small neighborhood super and we did our weekly shopping in the larger stores. So of course you went to live differently during the lockdown. More baking your bread yourself and not doing your shopping every week, but 2-3 weeks. And to be honest, that wasn’t even a bad thing to experience. The discipline of the people is also very high here in Istria. We continue to wear our mouth masks in stores. We had Dutch acquaintances visit us a few weeks ago and they thought it was absurd. This is because it was no longer mandatory in the Netherlands. Well, I thought to myself, that is the Netherlands and not Croatia. And in the Netherlands, also as expected because they want to vaccinate young people, the infections rose again.

Do you agree that discipline in Dalmatia is lower than in other parts of Croatia?

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